Collaborators International Group Launches Global Brand for the 

Financial Services Industry in the Caribbean and Latin America Marketplace

With barriers overcome, Caribbean and Latin Americans now can have the 

same Financial Services benefits as those in the North American marketplace 

Miami, Florida, July 12, 2017 – Collaborators International Group (CIGrupoUSA) founder Dennis “Mac” McDine, a 30-year veteran in the North American financial industry, has embarked upon a global expansion offering collaborative planning tools for financial service providers through Collaborative Partnerships in Caribbean and Latin America.

Mac said, “This strategy is part of the expansion of Collaborators International Group. Our goal is to provide a platform for companies and collaborative advisors to work together in the Spanish American Market marketplace that has the potential to reach 600 million people.

“Why now? Briefly, the required Financial Passporting is currently unavailable in Latin America, unlike in Europe where it has been readily adopted. However, the advancement of technology allows consumers and collaborative partnerships to co-exist. With over 30 years of success in the Latin American financial market, CIGrupoUSA has confidence in its future. With the collaborator strategy and platform provided by CIGrupoUSA we are secure in the knowledge that we are in the right place at the right time to expand our strategy directly to the financial services industry to help serve the Caribbean and Latin America market. CIGrupoUSA will complement existing distribution channels for companies in the financial services industry in the Caribbean and Latin America to help form stronger relationships.” 

Mac continued, “Ours is a clear and comprehensive strategy that removes the barriers and complexities traditionally associated with this marketplace. We have advanced beyond sales techniques that have existed for 20-30 years and have embraced the time for change. We developed our strategy to incorporate logic and relationship building in the Caribbean and Latin America market. Through collaborative partnerships, associates will be able to expand and readily capitalize on this intellectual strategy through association with Collaborators International Group; ultimately allowing them the avenues to grow their existing business platform in the macro-economy, generating greater value-added tools for existing and new customers.”

Who are collaborators, partners and association members in this marketplace? At the top of the hierarchy is each country followed by corporations and professionals interested in unfettered access: for example, banks, insurance companies, agents, brokers, and professional associations with an interest in supporting their membership, including attorneys, accountants, realtors, even charitable organizations. All can benefit from utilizing Collaborators International Group. This will generate job growth across financial sectors within each country that will result in a trickle-down effect of economic growth throughout the regions.

Corporations and professionals can learn more about Collaborators International Group by contacting  Dennis "Mac"McDine at 

About Collaborators International Group

Founder Dennis Mac McDine established Collaborators International Group (CIGrupoUSA). Through 30 years’ of experience in sales and marketing in the financial services sector in the USA, Caribbean, and Latin America, he earned numerous sales awards. Before launching CIGrupoUSA, Mac’s background includes experience with MetLife Financial Services; marketing and sales of life insurance products and investments for USA, Latin America/Foreign Nationals; New York Life Partner-Sales life insurance products and investments for Spanish American and Latin American/Foreign Nationals. In addition, Mac established a platform for Spanish/American businesses that enabled them to purchase existing businesses, provided capital for expansion, secured credit relations through vendors, as well as assisted in the sale and purchase of numerous successful Spanish-owned businesses. 

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